Single Sessions

Our Kalmer Counselling single sessions are designed for those who want to have a taster session or have a specific issue they want to explore and develop coping strategies for.⁠ Our sessions can be one to one in person or over zoom. Our single sessions are open to adults, young people or parents with or without their child. We can offer specialised single sessions focusing on relationships or couples counselling.

Child Single Sessions

1 in 6 children are currently struggling with their mental health, these are the official statistics. COVID is likely to skyrocket these statistics as the impact is so significant. ⁠There has been a sustained period of constant change which disrupts the stability and security a child craves. They have also watched their parents struggle to deal with the changes and pressures. ⁠

Children show their struggles in different ways, sometimes it is through withdrawal, some children lash out or express their frustrations through behaviour while others try to hide their struggles.⁠

Children's Single Sessions are designed for parents to discuss and explore their child's mental wellness and develop, easy to implement, coping strategies and activities with a therapist. ⁠

In your online session, our qualified counsellors will provide advice and guidance, personalised to your needs and current struggle. Often the most simple strategy is the most effective.

If you want to discuss our Single Session or would like to discuss your requirements you can send us an email or call us on 0191 2416731


Male Struggle Sessions

We know from experience that men often struggle to ask for help and Men aged 40-49 have the highest suicide rates in the UK. At Kalmer Counselling we have a diverse team of counsellors who are highly experienced working with men's mental health. We can accommodate requests for male counsellors if this would make you more comfortable.


4 Week Sessions

4 Sessions for £180