Therapy at Kalmer can change your life!

The way we live our lives, how we think, feel and behave can have a huge impact upon us. If we feel stuck, negative about life that’s all we notice, see and attract into our lives. 
Therapy at Kalmer can change your life! By creating a space to explore you, your needs, your life, dreams and desires you can change your mindset and develop feelings of happiness and positivity. This can help to change everything about your life because if you change you everything around you has to change too. If you want a more fulfilling happy life it starts with you. ‘Like attracts like’

This is what we mean by Law Of Attraction 

Kalmer Counselling is an accredited organisational member of the BACP and was formed to meet the need for a therapeutic service, delivered by qualified paid counsellors, which was designed specifically for schools across the North East. 

This vision was developed by Victoria Beattie, (Director), a qualified Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and an accredited counsellor with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, having more than 10 years’ experience working in Newcastle, particularly the deprived inner West and East of the city. She currently lectures at the University of Northumbria Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (CYP IAPT) change programme delivered by NHS England in partnership with Health Education England.

Victoria has extensive experience with looked after children and those vulnerable young people who are subject to child protection plans and their families. She has a background in working across the region, with hard to reach adults such as those suffering from mental health illnesses, drug and alcohol addiction, offenders and victims of domestic violence.

Therapy/counselling has a connotation that you have to have a mental health issue to access it. NO... therapy is one of the most amazing gifts you can give to yourself. You allow yourself the time & space to realise your worth, work out your strengths/weaknesses and gives you the power to change your life. One of my missions is to break down the shame and stigma attached to addressing mental health & mental wellness. I’m so excited about the future of our service as we’re in a state of transition with lots of exciting things ahead. So watch this space! Please don’t sit in silence if you’re suffering reach out and know that you have the power to change your life. Victoria - Kalmer Counselling Director

What is Counselling?

In life, there are many things that we struggle with; from the stresses of regular family life, to friendships, loved ones and even our children. Quite often we seek advice and support from family and friends to make sense of things. At times, this advice can be confusing or unhelpful, and the issue may be too sensitive to discuss in fine detail. Sometimes our support networks can be overbearing or even part of the problem. Counselling is a co-operative relationship where mutual respect, shared responsibility, and trust are key to a beneficial outcome. Commitment in exploring and discussing issues openly is also essential. This provides you with the opportunity to talk, and work together in relation to your situation and the level of support you need. At times it can be difficult to verbalise and clearly articulate what you truly mean, therefore various avenues of expressing emotions can be used. 


High quality, professional counselling service.

If you are considering counselling for a family member, a friend, a child or a member of your student body, or yourself, I am confident that you can find the support and service to meet your needs. Let me tell you more about the types of assistance we provide to anyone seeking counselling. 

Kalmer Counselling provides high quality, professional counselling service, adhering to the BACP Ethical Framework for the counselling profession’s, for anyone of any age. We work with adults, young people, children, families and schools across the North East.

We work with a wide range of issues, giving you space to explore your current situation and the psychological, physical, and emotional impact. We provide an elevated level of therapeutic care within a confidential and supportive environment.

Your relationship with your counsellor is the most important aspect of counselling. It is important you feel comfortable, in order to build trust enabling you to share your thoughts and feelings. We match the ideal counsellor to you in order to get the most out of your sessions.

What issues do we deal with?

We work with a wide range of issues such as: Stress, PTSD, addiction, self-harm, trauma, domestic violence, attachment, self-esteem, relationship problems, confidence, anxiety, loss and grief, behavioural issues, depression and sexual abuse. Any issue that may cause emotional and psychological distress can be worked with therapeutically.


Our Counsellors 

There are many counsellors in the North East who dedicate their time voluntarily to help those in need. Kalmer wants to be able to support those hard working, committed, passionate counsellors to gain employment in recognition of the life changing work they do. 

Meet our Team

When delivering a therapeutic service, we recognise the importance to have a strong, fully supportive and secure organisation environment to work from. This ensures counsellors at Kalmer provide excellent standards of delivery to schools, children, young people and families who engage with the service. Communication is essential within our organisations network and all staff are trained to communicate effectively.

Kalmer Counselling offer open channels of communication to schools and educational institutions in order for them to have confidence in the therapeutic work we do with children, adolescents, parents and families.

If you would like to join the Kalmer family please email


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