Kalmer Counselling has provided a counselling service to over 300 schools.

In the past year we have worked with 1,350 children within 90 schools in the North East and delivered mental health training to over 360 headteachers and senior leaders. 

Affiliations with organisations including The NHS, Adopt North East,  Newcastle City Council and Barnardo's has allowed us to widen our reach and make a difference to so many more children and families. 

Working with Kalmer Counselling

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Start by sending us an email or giving us a call. Email: info@kalmercounselling.co.uk Phone: 01912416731

Telephone Consultation

During the telephone consultation, we will explore the needs of your school and will answer any questions about the Kalmer Counsellling service. We will book in a school visit.

School Visit

During the school visit, we will discuss in-depth the needs of the school and the children as well as exploring the school setting. It is important to understand where the counselling will take place within the school and the suitability of the environment. From this visit we can build you a bespoke package to implement into your school.

Counselling Service

Kalmer Counselling can create a bespoke counselling provision for your school. The provision can be flexible and adapt to changes and needs of the children within the school. One-to-one, group and drop in sessions are all used within a school setting as required. From the school visit, we will have a counselling service in place within 4-6 weeks.

The Government and Ofsted place emotional wellbeing, resilience and mental health high on their agenda. There is overwhelming research highlighting the unprecedented increase of the needs of our children and young people. In recent published Department for Education reports ‘Mental health and behaviour in schools’, ‘The Impact of Pupil Behaviour & wellbeing on Education outcomes’ highlight the benefits of schools providing opportunities to develop resilience, emotional wellbeing and mental health.

These reports demonstrate a clear link between improved mental health, emotional wellbeing and academic achievement, which is where Kalmer can help your school.

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Our service can be purchased on a sessional, termly and academic basis ranging from one hour to half day and full day provisions.


We offer a number of types of counselling for schools at Kalmer Counselling.

Kalmer Counselling create a bespoke counselling provision for our schools depending on the needs within the school. The provision can be flexible and adapt to changes and needs of the children within the school. One-to-one, group and drop in sessions are all used within a school setting as required.


Counsellors will work with children or young people on a one-to-one basis, addressing their individual needs. These sessions are suitable for private and school counselling.

Group work

Counsellors will conduct sessions with up to 8 children together, focusing on a common issue over a six week period. Examples of group sessions may include self-esteem, emotional regulation, grief and loss or transition.

Drop in

A Kalmer counsellor will be available with an open door, during a specified time period, allowing children to share current worries and struggles in the moment. Teachers can send children who are currently struggling with a particular issue to the drop in session.


Short term counselling is conducted over a six week period where we focus on brief issue assessment and symptom management. We will introduce tools and strategies to deal with and manage the current feelings. Short-term therapy is a low level intervention.


Long-term counselling addresses underlying issues that are contributing to current feelings and behaviours. Counsellors will work with an individual on an ongoing basis to meet the emotional and psychological needs of the child.

Crisis Counselling

This is a specialist counselling service that involves high-level therapeutic intervention, based on an unforeseen often traumatic event. The most common use of the services death of a member of staff or people. Half or full days for a full academic year, (with annual savings). Timely intervention, 1/2 day or a full day purchased in termly blocks.

Staff Training

Kalmer Counselling can provide staff focused on training sessions either online or in person, this can be focused on staff or children mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing Workshops

Our wellbeing workshops are designed to empower by improving emotional intelligence, emotional regulation and self-awareness. We offer set workshops but can also design bespoke workshops in accordance to your needs.

Staff Counselling

We can offer one-to-one counselling to staff within the school which can be ongoing or as struggle sessions.

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